How much is the chance that a person will feel hungry?

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A person feelings of hunger or hunger cramps are obvious for first few days but then you can tolerate the hunger feelings without any trouble as the HCG drops start to work as increasing the use of extra fat in the body and maintain an active body functioning.

What amount of vegetables should be taken while HCG use? 

HCG_vegetablesDuring HCG protocol the only restriction is to make sure that your diet should consist of 500 calorie diet. And you are not allowed to exceed the limit. So you can choose what it makes to 500 calorie in total for a day.

Do I have to eat all 500 calories each day? 

Yes it is strongly suggested that you may use all 500 calorie diet because it has been shown through studies that by using all 500 calorie diet the people are more easy and quick in order to gain the maximum output from the HCG protocol, while those who have reduced the amount did not get any of the benefit from the reduced calorie from 500 calorie diet.

Is there any need of exercise for weight loss with HCG? 

HCH_exerciseDuring HCG protocol there is no need for further exercising. The only requirement is to strictly follow the low calorie diet and regular administration of It should be kept in mind that your body is already at a very low calorie diet and cannot afford much tedious work along with the HCG dieting plan.

What is effect of low calorie diet without HCG? 

It has been proved that there is no benefit of low calorie diet without HCG protocol. They act as beneficial dieting plan when put together and nothing can be achieved regarding weight loss if you only follow the diet plan with low calories without the HCG drops.

What is the HCG effect on wrinkles after weight loss? 

hcg-diet-planAs long as the effect of HCG is concerned there is no report of having any effect on lines and wrinkles reduction or addition. As is the fact that the HCG only takes control on the adipose tissue and all the other tissues remain the same and lines and wrinkles after weight loss can be disappeared automatically.

Is there any chance to gain weight again? 

There is a very less chance to get back to a heavy body if the protocol has been followed properly. Because after completing an HCG protocol your life style changes and your hunger decreases to normal level or becomes moderate. If you consider healthy food intake and proper care for your health you can enjoy a lean healthy body throughout your life.


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